Timothy Allen - Graphic Designer

Discovering Solutions in Design that Provide Strength to Your Message


There are more and more options in this day of advancing technology and your message needs to be able to adapt to be heard on every platform. (Just like this site!)

Most mobile sites are terrible. Viewing a normal site on a mobile device, even an iPad, is usually an awful experience. Responsive design is an answer to this problem. As phones and tablets get faster and more powerful and as they become more widely-used, no one will want to wait to check out a site when they get home. Or, what if they don't even have that option?


Eyes don't stay on your message if they have to dig through content to find it. Keep your message clear and free of distraction with a thoughtful and well designed communication.

Don't be afraid of white space! It's really a crucial tool in emphasizing your message. By allowing space to exist around words or graphic elements, you are drawing attention to them. It's much easier to spot a single man standing in an empty field than it is to spot that same man amongst a crowd.


Everybody loves stock photos right? Wrong. Custom illustration can add visual interest and value to your message. Time spent on custom illustrations demonstrates your care for your message.

Bring some polish to your message! How much care will I give your thoughts if they are surrounded by stock photography? Oh I'll probably still care, but not as much as if you showed me how important it is to you by taking the time and effort to surround it with custom graphics.

About Me

I always liked to make things when I was a kid. Like forts from blankets and dining room tables and couch cushions, or little drawings of superheroes or little black and white movies with my fisher price camcorder.

I still like to make things. So that’s what I do for a living. I am a graphic designer and I’ve worked as one since 2005.

I’m a husband and father and my family and I live in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.